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Johannes Brahms - Ein Deutsches Requiem "The white horse rider

exhibition on the history of the performance of Brahms's work at the Hotel Miramar

The exhibition, from 2 to to October at the Hotel Miramar Tönninger see is illuminated by a large number of exhibits containing more than 140-year performance history of Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897) noble work "A German Requiem". It is traditionally performed in Hamburg, the birthplace of Brahms, since 1906 as a so-called Bußtagskonzert.

Dieter Feldtmann, member of the Hamburg Brahms society has to the history of the hamburger Bußtagskonzerte designed an exhibition that deals with the different eras, the conductor, soloists, venues and of course employs the musical interpretations of the Requiem, and it illustrates the basis of historical documents.

As it happens, that is offered on the 10/10/2010 just this piece in the Lawrence Church of Tönning provost Cantata Choir Eiderstedt and the Hamburg Camerata under the direction of the circular Kantor Christian Hoffmann. A perfect match of two mutually fruitful events.

"A German Requiem" (Op. 45) went through - even after his first performance on Good Friday , 10 April 1868, in Bremen Cathedral - several revision stages and broke the first time with the Tradition of a Requiem, which was by then understood as a pure mass for the dead. Brahms does not put the dead in the center, but the grieving families: they, therefore, donate to the survivors, comfort was the approach of the composer.

His profound knowledge of the Bible is due to the fact that Brahms was able to explicitly select the text passages from the Old and New Testament that deal with the issues of "comfort the mourners," "relief of pain "to the recognition of death as a part of life deal. And he did it in German, for that time a risk, because so far a Requiem followed strictly the Latin text of the Catholic liturgy.

illustrated in the exhibition history of the Hamburg Bußtagskonzerte, but it is essentially intended to Hamburg, but a reflection of the complete Brahms Requiem reception of the last 100 years. Not just for music-lovers and Brahms it is exciting to see how the different interpretations and ways to influence the work performance and how different it is received by audiences and critics.

1897 a reviewer wrote of the "Hamburger Nachrichten": "The German Requiem is likely to be that work with the Brahms in the centuries to come over to live. " With this forecast, he was right, and the premiere of Brahms took almost overnight fame and unbroken to the present success of the piece is safe because the sensitivity of the piece proves almost any other, that music can be comforting.

The exhibition is accompanied by some artistic interpretations of KUKI children who were set up under the guidance of art teacher Regina Janzen.

opening: 2.10.2010, 17 clock; following is a possibility, the 3-course meal "food such as Brahms' to enjoy the restaurant Wind Rose (Booking code: 04861-9090)

introduction to the exhibition: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Reinfandt (musicologist, University of Kiel)

Musical accompaniment: Christian Hoffmann and Asmus winter.

duration of the show: 2.10.2010. - 21.11.2010

opening times: daily 8.00 bis 23.00 Clock clock.

Hotel Miramar, Westerstr. 21, 25832 Tönning, Tel: 04861-9090.


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